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Your glass furnace repair partner

Repair Services was created in 2017 with the aim of working with our glass customers during their hot and cold furnace maintenance operations.

The structure is based at the Valoref site in Bollène between Lyon and Avignon. 1500 m² of the Valoref site is set aside for storing both shaped and unshaped products. We offer a large permanent stock of a variety of products for urgent demands, and our on-site machining facilities enable us to cater to your specific needs.

Our aims are to listen to your needs, to offer help and advice with your projects, and to intervene at all stages of your furnace’s life, both for maintenance and emergency repairs.

Thanks to Valoref’s skilled staff, we can ensure orders are available for pick-up very rapidly. Our staff is also available for on-site assistance and supervision during the installation of products on your site. They will work with your technicians or subcontractors in order to ensure the operations are successfully carried out in the most efficient way.